Sep 29, 2021Information

The 25th Annual Residency Program was a milestone for the association recognizing the 25 consecutive years spotlighting South Florida Residents as presenters of continuing education courses provided to our members.  When the program began 25 years ago, there were only a handful of residents.  The 2021 program featured over 50 South Florida residents.

Furthermore, due to pandemic limitations, this celebratory program was remotely provided via the Zoom platform. We were able to successfully use break out rooms to allow a two-track program, even as Zoom glitches were encountered and resolved.

The 14-hour program was, once again, a resounding success.  Participants liked not having to dress up, drive, park and sit in a room that was either too hot or too cold.  They missed the one-on-one live interaction; especially seeing friends and networking.  Topics covered many aspects of the COVID pandemic.  Especially interesting was the effect COVID has taken on mental health, effects in immunocompromised, other disease states, and age ranges.

While we have had separate tracks in past years, this year we added an additional challenge to the Resident-presenters.  Two residents were assigned to work together to complete their one-hour selected topic.  What we saw were well coordinated content, timing of programs that met the 60-minute requirement, smooth transitions of screen sharing and enhanced content minimizing redundancy.

The CE Committee is planning on a live, face-to-face meeting in January 2022 anticipated at the Double Tree Mart Plaza.  Please hold the date.

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