Mission Statement
The Dade County Pharmacy Association (DCPA) is a unit of the Florida Pharmacy Association, the largest and
oldest state-wide organization representing the profession of pharmacy in Florida.

The mission of pharmacy is to serve society as the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medications,
devices and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

In pursuit of that mission, DCPA:

  • advocates the interests of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Miami-Dade County;

  • represents members on issues of economics, political action and public relations of interest to pharmacy;

  • promotes, supports and provides education for the enhancement of professional, management and leadership

  • promotes the highest professional and ethical standards of practice for the delivery of pharmaceutical care;

  • identifies, evaluates, and responds to trends and events that impact pharmacy and the health care system, and;

  • fosters effective communication between pharmacists, health care professionals, and the public to enhance the
    overall quality of health care.

Dade County Pharmacy Association
A unit association of the Florida Pharmacy Association

Business Meetings
are held in conjunction
with the regular
Continuing Education
Members are welcome
to participate in
these meetings.
Dade County Pharmacy Association: c/o Aceves
1271 NE 97th Street, Miami Shores, FL 33138
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2 hour CS CE requirement effective with Pharmacist
Current Renewal period (64B16-27.831)
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Bills currently being address in the Legislature:  Click Here

Rules open for revision/comment:  Click Here
Members are reminded to regularly review their CE posting status at CE Brokers.  We encourage that you
check the hours posted to ensure that the provider is correctly posting your hours.  We also encourage that
you confirm the type of credit posted:  consultant v.s. general credit.

Also remember to check your hours before and after any license renewal.
Once hours are posted for general credit toward the PS license, they cannot be changed to Consultant credit to be used at
that PU license's renewal.

Your annual membership provides you with a full subscription to CE Brokers.  Take advantage of your membership benefit.
Board of Pharmacy Redefines Direct Supervision of Technicians
Last fall, rule 64B16-27.4001 related to the Delegation to and Supervision of Pharmacy Technicians; Responsibility of the
Supervising Pharmacist was modified by the Board of Pharmacy. This rule revision was finalized on December 17, 2018
and modified the definition of "direct supervision."  The new version of this rule removed the "shoulder to shoulder"
requirement of direct supervision and now describes direct supervision to encompass situations where the supervising
pharmacist is not on the same premises as the technician but may be using “sufficient technology" to provide personal
assistance, direction and approval required to meet the standard of practice for the delegated tasks.  What is "sufficient
technology"? How does this benefit the citizens of the state of Florida? Why did we need the change?  The FPA is
petitioning the Board to reopen the comment period for this rule so that more pharmacists can weigh in and provide
comment.  If you wish to petition the Board as well, please download this letter, sign and mail it to the Board expressing
your concerns. If you wish to support us in this petition
To read the rule redefining Direct Supervision, CLICK HERE
To see the DCPA Flyer, CLICK HERE
A SURVEY to help collect data on community pharmacy issues focusing on
safety, wellness and metrics was created by a Local Pharmacy Association in
conjunction with the FPA.  The data collected will be used to build educational
programming to legislators leading up to the 2020 legislative session. To
participate in the anonymous Survey and help strengthen our profession
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For First Time, Pharmaceutical Distributor Faces
Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis
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